Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teaching the Trivium...?

I Enjoyed this poem and also enjoy this website!

This site is a wonderful resource for Classical Homeschooling. Lots of Latin and Greek resources as well as logic. Something in which I could definitely stand some lessons!

I am very interested in Classical Homeschooling...I think at the moment I am struggling with how it should look. In some ways it doesn't seem much different mainly because of the age of my children. It IS different in that we are learning Latin, but beyond that, we still work on writing, handwriting, phonics and basic math although, I am not sure that he is really ready for math beyond addition and subtraction at the moment. Fact memorization may be as far as we go with that...still looking into this area. The Bluedorns talk a little about this in their book, Teaching the Trivium, regarding teaching younger children higher math concepts. It was very freeing to me to read that younger minds may not be able to grasp mathematical concepts as well as an older one might. I felt like I was beating my head against the wall every day trying to teach him a new math concept. Most of the time, he understood the concept, but teaching him the symbols that represent the concept just did not stick. We decided to take a breather and I am thankful for it! This book is a good read (though, I have yet to finish it...lots of information to process), I highly recommend it!

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